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Blackheads or pimples?

Is it bad to pick off pimples or blackheads?

Can It leave a mark on your face when your older if you do?

Blackheads or pimples?
Yes and yes.

I picked just about every pimple ive ever had and now i have scars covering my whole face....just don't do it.Blackheads or pimples?
You have to squeeze the blackheads because if you dont then you will get holes in your face. My mom when she was younger was told that you shouldnt pick or squeeze blackheads and now she has holes all over her face from them.
picking your pimples and blackheads is not only bad,

it can lead to scarring *which as you said; can leave a mark for when you're older.

it can also cause you to break out.

don't do it :D
Yes to both. Check out the info. On this site. This site has saved my life.

Home remidies for blackheads and small pimples?

thanksHome remidies for blackheads and small pimples?
you should try the aspirin mask, its all over youtube. its the newest thing 2 do, and its good for pimples(both big and small), and blackheads especially.
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  • I have lots of blackheads and pimple in my face. what should i do to get a clear face?

    I'm living in Singapore, 15 this year Male , and i have try out Neutrogena MEN product , Like '; Neutrogena Men Invigorating Face Wash '; . What Should i DO ? .I have lots of blackheads and pimple in my face. what should i do to get a clear face?
    This completely and permanently got rid of mine.There's no quicker, better cure and it's an all natural and low cost one. It's helped many on Answers. This is one response I received:

    ';Hi. ... you told me that massaging my face with olive oil would get rid of my blackheads. It got rid of every last one of them. Thanks. '; .... Hannah***Pauley (See question/answer below)

    Some reported results in 3 days. Use any natural oil - olive works really well - and massage over and over again - the massaging friction literally rubs them away. Better to use a ';forward and back'; action and use finger tips or sides and front of fingers depending where on face you massage. You can make it more vigorous and can massage for longer as you progress.Try to build up to 10 to15 minutes a day.

    It also gives skin a radiantly healthy glow and softens, smooths and tightens it. You will not need to use any other treatment ever again.. Olive oil is a perfect natural moisturizer - you will not need to use any other. Try it - you will be happy that you did!;鈥?/a>

    SOURCE(S): 20+ years research - safe, natural treatments to treat and cure skin problems and enhance skin and of anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments..I have lots of blackheads and pimple in my face. what should i do to get a clear face?
    This is going to sound really weird, but trust me it works. To get rid of pimples, put a dab of honey on them. I would advise to put a band-aid over top and do this at night. This works because honey doesn't ever spoil because it kills bacterias. So the honey will kill bacterias in the zit and it will go away. So, even though it sounds weird, it should work.
    Every 2 weeks clean your sheets and pillow cases,it may contain many oils from your face that creates acne.Also if you use your cell phone regularly clean you cell screen because it also holds many oils.Stay away from fatty fried foods,and soda pops.Clean your face at least twice a day and use a non-oily moisturizer.Do this and hopefully you'll have a clean face:]

    hope i helped!
    Look for Clean and clear I had horrible acne back in the day and used clean and clear deep cleaning astringent and used it once everyday. Or look for anything with the active ingredient salicylic acid it would be on the back of the bottles this stuff is in that clean and clear.
    Use bleach cream, it really helps eliminate stuff like that. It burns a little, but leave it for 30 mins, and you will get better results for your face! Apply it carefully though!
    When I was a teenager I had terrible acne and found that prescription strength medicine worked much better than anything you could get at a store. I dont know how it works in singapore but ask your doctor for some good medicine.
    a blackhead is just a dirty oil pocket. wash your face three times a day. use vitamin E oil on the rough spots.
    well i had the same prob and beleive it or not proactive really helped keep the acne under control you should try it

    I have weird acne...its like a mix of blackheads and pimples!

    On my forehead there are little bumps and if u squeeze the bumps, little tiny clearish things come out. there are no visible pores on the bumps like in a blackhead, but still have blackhead like things come out...I have weird acne...its like a mix of blackheads and pimples!
    Okay ew lol sorry.Well I've tried many things but what works the most is just splashing hot water on my face to open my pores then rub soap or face cleanser onto a wash cloth.I scrub my face real hard especially where i have most pimples or blackheads.Tried to use soap that dries out your face like Dial.Afterwards i rinse with warm water.Then before i finish i quikly splash cold water onto my face to close my poresI have weird acne...its like a mix of blackheads and pimples!
    i had that..i made an appointment at my doctors..dermatologists can take months to get an appointment..and my doctor gave me this gel stuff to put on after iwash my make an appointment to your doctor..
    You should use some type of acne medication for a week or so. Then if it doesn't get better, go see a dermatoligist.
    use proactive or go to a dermatologist

    I have a fetish with picking at my face, and popping and squeezing pimples and blackheads?

    i just went crazy earlier today, and now i have scratches and bumps all over my face. ]:

    i tell myself not to do that, but when i get really stressed out about my acne, i guess it's just something i do.

    acne is having a huge impact on my self-esteem. i know it would clear up if i could just keep my hands away from it.

    what should i do? and do you think these scratches and bumps will be gone by tomorrow morning? i hate going to school feeling like crap about myself. it's hard.

    thank you very much. :3I have a fetish with picking at my face, and popping and squeezing pimples and blackheads?
    The scratches and swelling will still kind of be noticeable by tomorrow, but not by much. My mom and I have that same problem with picking at our face; To avoid this, try to keep a distance away from the mirror, or try cutting your nails short, but not so short you just have nubs on your fingers ;)I have a fetish with picking at my face, and popping and squeezing pimples and blackheads?
    Every time you want to scratch your face, do something else to get your mind off of it....maybe suck on some ice cubes .. ?

    Blackheads And Pimples?

    What is the difference beetwen blackheads and pimples?Blackheads And Pimples?
    Blackheads are pores blocked with oily materials. When they become infected and inflamed and turn red, sometimes with a whitehead, they are pimples.Blackheads And Pimples?
    black heads are black and they are like under the skin and they are really hard to get rid of. pimples are mostly above the skin and you can just pop them and they will usually go away
    black heads are dark kinda like a scar and pimples are like little bumps under your skin (hard to pop).
    Black heads are black. The pore has captured some type of dirt and oil builds up, etc. It won't go away unless it is extracted. A pimple is when a pore is holding a type of ';infection'; and once it has gone through a process it clears up.
    Blackheads are hardened sebum which blacken with exposure to the air and are embedded deep into the pores.Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads.Pimples are lesions that occur when the skin鈥檚 pores are obstructed or infected. More solutions for pimples at

    How can i remove my pimples and some blackheads?please help me guys!?

    If you already have blackhead and want to remove it as safely as possible, you can always try this remedy: You will need 4 tablespoon of baking soda and 4 tablespoon of water. Mixed both items and rub them gently on your skin for 2 to 3 minutes. Once done, rinse your face with warm water. Warm water will open up the pores and allow easy removal of blackhead.How can i remove my pimples and some blackheads?please help me guys!?
    the best thing to do is pop them or your gonna have pimples for the rest of your life! if you have agony then you should use proactive b/c that is the best!!

    Whiteheads blackheads and pimples?

    i have alot of white and black heads on my nose and pimples on my forehead its not that bad but i just dont like it the ones on my nose seem to be dried [ewwww] so does any body have any good home recipes, or cleaners that REALLY workWhiteheads blackheads and pimples?
    Make a paste by mixing baking soda and water in a cup. Take a small amount and completely cover the zit. Wait till it's dry and wash it off. Don't pick at the blemishes because that will only create more blemishes!Whiteheads blackheads and pimples?
    When you wash your face, use sugar to scrub it, at least once a day, for two weeks to rid yourself of acne. Check out for more useful info.
    OK i had the same problem when i was 14,. the way i got rid of blackheads on my nose was placing a hot wash cloth on my nose for 20mins(to open the pores) and after go to a mirror and squeeze the sides of the blackhead to pop them out. the lay a cold water wash cloth when your done on your nose to close the pores.
    i know this sounds weird but if u put toothpaste on ur blemishes and sleep with it on, you'll wake up with fewer zits. and proactiv works really well 2
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  • Hi, pls can any one help me on hw to stop pimples and blackheads on my face and neck. i need to get rid of dem

    no wya to stop it, but you can control it,, it also depends on your age,, if you're in puberty,, you'll have to wait then..Hi, pls can any one help me on hw to stop pimples and blackheads on my face and neck. i need to get rid of dem
    wash ur face twice a day.Try Garnier Pimple Control Pen(If available in ur place)It really works!! For blackheads specially wash ur face 5 times a day!! If you want a clear skin, u have to sacrifice most of ur time on ur skin.It's better than spending alot of money on parlours and besides they also give bad side effects at times.GOOD LUCK!!Hi, pls can any one help me on hw to stop pimples and blackheads on my face and neck. i need to get rid of dem
    he products you are using, are they Salsylic Acid or Benzoyl peroxide? BP can be VERY drying. I personally like SA better. Salsylic acid it really good. It is in almost all acne washes. Benzoyl Peroxide is too drying for me! Try finding a face lotion with SA in it. Clean and Clear has a good moisturizer with SA and it helps keep pimples at bay. It is only about $5 a bottle and lasts about 2 months and you can get it at your local store. I have used this in the past and it works well. Personally, I use Biore products (which you get over the counter. Their products range from $5-$10). They are harsh on pimples, but not on your face.

    Personally, Proactive didn't work for me. I have been using Biore products for over a year and I hardly ever break out! Occasionally I will get one or two, but nothing bad. I use Biore Ice Cleanser and warming facial scrub every morning. And then 3-4 day s a week I use Biore purging pore cream scrub. For body acne I use Neutrogena acne body wash I never break out on my body. It gets 110 in summer so sweat in inevitably, yet I never break out. Give it a try. All of it is cheap too. About $5-10 depending on what you buy! Salsylic acid it really good. It is in almost all acne washes. Benzoyl Peroxide is too drying for me! I think you will just need to experiment with products until you find what works for you. Remember, it can take 1 month for products to fully begin working! Good Luck!
    Hey, cool... first relax and accept the fact that once a pimple/black head comes, it will last atleast for a week. All the add's u see that it'll vanish in 24 hrs is total blunder. Just follow the below to stop them cropping up --

    1. Wash ur face with a good face wash for oily skin (clean and clear face wash is damn good) atleast thrice a day. Do not go to bed without washing ur face. Most pimples crop up during night time

    2. Reduce ur in-take of oily stuff - there is a short cut though... drink plenty of water to wash away all the fatty stuff and compensate.

    3. Make a paste of multhani metti and sandal powder in rose water, apply a even layer on face (not the pimples alone) wait till it becomes dry and wash off in circular motion. Do this atleast every alternate day

    4. Steam in hot water twice a week after cleansing ur face. Black head remover is available in the market. Immediately after u steam, u'll be able to remove the black head easily using them. Never use ur hands or nails. It'll create scars, which will be worse than the black head. Apply ice pack once you are done to close the open phores.

    All this will say good bye to ur problem. All the best :-)
    try proactiv .. it really really works. but if u cant afford spending that much try the neutrogena microclear products or the clearasil blackhead products
    Hi! It's important to first understand why u have pimples so that you can tackle the problem at its root. The glands beneath your skin, are continuously producing oil that keeps the skin smooth and soft. However, sometimes, due to stress and tension, or hormonal fluctuations, the amount of oil secreted increases. If you have an oily skin condition anyways, this increase in secretion causes a lot of problems- acne being one of them!

    What happens is that the dead skin cells, hair follicles, dirt mix with the excess oil secreted, and form a plug that blocks the skin pores. At this stage, this plug is called a whitehead. If it is exposed to the air, it turns black and is called a blackhead. However, sometimes what happens is that the plug becomes a ground for bacteria to grow. To fight this infection, the body's immune system gets into motion, and there is an inflammation in the affected area. This is a pimple.

    So u see, to tackle pimples, you need to do three things- absorb the extra oil being secreted, clean the pores with a scrub, and use an antiseptic to prevent growth of bacteria.

    A good skin care product should do all these three things.

    I personally rely completely on natural acne solutions. Fuller's earth (multaani mitti) and sandalwood are very good for absorbing the extra oils, turmeric is an excellent antiseptic, and a scrub containing red lentils helps absorb extra oils, and fight acne as well. I don't know if you've heard of an organisation called shene herbals. I believe they make a good anti pimple product. I use their scrub and some other things, and really like them. You could take a look at their website鈥?/a>

    Hope this helps!
    never eat faty food eat only veg fruits and juice till you reach 24 years, you never get pimples in your life time
    if u have quit sugar start ir drink lotsa water
    Proactive is one of the most widely used products for treatment of acne and pimples.More information on proactive can be found at
    Pimples and blackheads are two different forms of infections mainly due to oily and dirty skin conditions. I can suggest you a good site that has many tips on controlling these two problems. Why don't you try please?
    try proactive and dove soap.
    I know no one ever heard about this in western countries......but i would recommend a soap called ';Medimix'; ......its Ayurvadic.....that will help you a lotttttttt without any side effects........ you will be able to buy it from any indian store near you.......if they don't have it just ask'em about this they will know what are you talking about......
    blackheads: use a mixture of sugar n salt n rub lightly on the blackheads area!!!!!!!!

    pimples: use a mixure of lactoclamine lotion, egg white n garlic pods(5-6)

    they work good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    have lots n lots of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Stop touching your face and after any sports or tanning make sure that you wash your face and use a clearasil product to clean your face. Just stop touching
    use dove shop

    use 4 to 5 time rose water

    Home remedies for blackheads and pimples.?

    Hi Im Rad

    Here is an unusual but very effective method to heal many issues (especially skin).



    Mouth %26amp; Gum Disease; Stiff Joints; Allergies; Asthma; Acne, High Blood Sugar; Constipation; Migraines; Bronchitis; Eczema; Heart, Kidney, Lung Diseases; Leukemia; Arthritis; Meningitis; Insomnia; Menopause (hormonal issues); Cancer; AIDS; Chronic Infections; Varicose Veins; High Blood Pressure; Diabetes; Polio; Cracked Heels,.

    Here's are a few paragraphs from Bharat Savur's article on The Hindu Business Online

    ...';When Dr Karsch examined the swished milk-white oil under a microscope with 600 magnification, he saw live organisms swimming in it. It's poisonous, so never swallow it, he warns. These poisons are bacteria-embryos, which, if not eliminated, cause diseases. Apparently, Dr Karsch cured his own chronic blood disease and 15-year-old arthritis.

    The first sign of improvement is in the teeth-they become firm and white, he says. Other healing indications: fresh, relaxed feeling on waking up, disappearing dark pouches below the eyes, anew appetite and energy, better memory and deep sleep.

    Dr Karsch swears by the mouth oil-wash for anything from organ-disorders, skin-diseases, menstrual problems, paralysis to every ache and it is in the human anatomy. You can swish even when you have fever, he says, adding, it takes anything from two days to a year to cure a disease.

    And if these claims sound exaggerated, he told a conference of Ukrainian cancer specialists, try out the process yourself.

    Interestingly, Ayurveda advises oil swishing ';to purify the taste-buds and the entire system';, as explained by Dr Deepak Chopra in Perfect Health.

    According to this life science, the tongue is mapped by organ-locations 鈥?that is, each section of the tongue is connected to the kidneys, lungs, spleen, liver, heart, pancreas, small intestines, stomach, colon, and spine.

    Thus, an oil-mouth-massage soothes and stimulates the key meridians where taste meets organ. Simultaneously, as in any skin-massage, the inner skin and lining of the mouth, palate and tongue become warm and supple and the lubrication prevents dryness (the vatic effect).

    In modern dietetics too, dryness is discussed.

    For example, lack of Vitamin A (retinal) causes the outer lining of the eyeball to dry and wrinkle, and affects vision.

    And as any dietician would tell you, all oils contain 960 micrograms of vitamin A per 10 gm (the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A per adult is 600 micrograms). So, it's possible that oil gargling helps in reaching the required retinal to the eyeballs and keeps them elastic and smooth.

    Likewise, the Ayurvedic `purification of taste-buds' also has its equivalent in dietetics as `antioxidants'. Oxidation literally means `the putrefaction of body-tissues'.

    And oil-soluble vitamins, A, C, D, and E are antioxidants that protect and prevent the decaying process and help maintain the integral functioning of cell membranes. That's why many people are ingesting vitamin E pills to stem `aging' (oxidation). ';

    Here is the link to learn more about OP鈥?/a>

    Best of health to youHome remedies for blackheads and pimples.?

    I actually found a facial oil that dissolves black heads within 4-8 weeks I put all the info on my blog as it's quite detailed:

    Black heads are basically a hardened oil mixture that was secreted from your pores and oxidized (which makes the outside part black) and since water and oil don't mix, no water based product can ';clean'; your blackheads away, just try say putting certain foundations or makeups on the mirror and if you wipe it with water it smudges all over but put a little baby oil and wipe and tada! it comes off super clean AND dissolves it. So this is basically how this oil works. It's composition is such that the skin accepts it as a healing oil and it does not clog your skin but rather protects it while the plant extracts inside go down into the pores (this absorption is made possible by applying the toner to the skin before applying the oil and then applying the dabs of oil over your moistened face), it then penetrates into the pores.

    I put where to the name of the oil and prices in stores versus on eBay as well as how to apply it on my blog:

    Take care and good luck!

    FelisiaHome remedies for blackheads and pimples.?
    1. Put toothpaste on your pimple before you go to bed, should help reduce swelling overnight. Make sure it is the paste not the gel. One of the most popular acne home remedies.

    2. Wash your face twice a day in warm salty water. This should leave your face oil free without aggravating the acne.

    3. Apply a paste of fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves over the face every night for 10-15 minutes and washed with warm water. This will prevent acne, pimples, blackheads, and wrinkles.

    4. Place strawberry leaves on the acne, the alkalinity helps to reduce the swelling.

    5. Extract juice of one lemon and mix with equal quantity of rose water. Apply this mixture on the face and let it stay for about half an hour. Wash the face with fresh water. About 15 days application helps cure acne, pimples and reduces blemishes and scars.

    6. Another method is to massage the face with the skin of lemon before washing with lukewarm water.

    7. Apply fresh mint juice over the face every night for the treatment of acne, pimples, insect stings, eczema, scabies, %26amp; other skin infections.

    8. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. At least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables should be included in your diet. All acne home remedies should include a healthy diet.

    9. A couple of garlic cloves, crushed and dabbed on the face 1-2 times a day. One of the smellier acne home remedies!

    10. Home face wash for acne: Mix together 1 or 2mls each of the following: witch hazel, tea-tree and sweet fennel essential oils, adding essential oil of geranium for women and essential oil of rosewood for men. Mix with 300mls of water. Shake before use, as the oils will float on top of the water during storage. Dab affected areas with cotton wool two or three times a day. The oils will clean and unclog giving antibiotic-like protection to the skin.

    11. Apply fresh lemon juice on the affected area overnight. Wash off with warm water next morning.

    12. Use 2-3 tsp. dried basil leaves to 1 cup boiling water. Steep 10-20 minutes. Cool, and apply with cotton ball.

    13. Grind orange peel with some water to a paste and apply on affected parts. One of the best acne home remedies.

    14. Clean face with cotton wool dipped in rose water 2-3 times a day.

    15. Mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice in 1 teaspoon finely ground cinnamon powder and apply on affected areas frequently.

    16. Nettle Tea is another solution, this tea has a herb that has some curing power and really helps work wonders on skin problems. Drink four cups a day to get the full benefit of one of the most powerful acne home remedies. Get nettle products here.

    17. Aloe Vera juice applied twice a day can greatly speed up the healing of acne lesions. You can buy Aloe Vera at

    18. Another lotion that uses bee propolis extract may also be effective. Mix eight ounces of water and 11 drops of bee propolis extract. One of the acne home remedies which has been proven effective with many people.

    19. Some herbal acne home remedies...

    Burdock leaf tea.

    Lavender essential oil (mix 1:10 with water)

    Tincture of calendula flowers.

    Tea tree essential oil (mix 1:10 with water)

    Liquefy cabbage leaves with witch hazel, strain and add two drops of lemon oil. Use as a lotion.

    20. Ice down the acne before bed, by morning it should be noticeably less swollen. Works best on larger pimples that have not yet formed a head.

    21. Take vitamin B5 and zinc supplements daily to strengthen the skin's resistance to acne.

    22. Mix mint juice with turmeric powder and apply on affected area. Leave for 15-30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

    23. Mix some vinegar and salt in a bowl. Pour a little bit in your hand and rub it on the pimples. Soak a face towel in it and dab it on the bumps. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off.

    24. Blend cucumber and make a paste. Apply this as a mask on your face and leave it for 1/2 hour and then rinse. This refreshes your skin and prevents acne.

    25. Mix corn flour with egg white and apply on your face. Let is dry completely for 1/2 hour. Dip your hands in warm water and massage your face and wash off. This when repeated regularly gives you a smooth skin.

    26. Mix sandalwood paste with rosewater and apply on the face. Rinse off after 30 minutes.

    27. Essential oil face mask for acne: Use a mask base powder, such as fuller's earth or kaolin powder. Use distilled or filtered water to make a paste. Mix 1 heaped teaspoon of base powder to 3 drops of essential oil. Add approximately 2 tablespoons of the water in, to make a fluid yet balanced paste. Essential oils to add in the mask either separately or try smaller amounts together; cypress oil 1 drop, lemon oil 2 drops, sage oil 1 drop.

    28. Mix the paste of tender neem leaves with turmeric and apply of affected area. An eastern approach to acne home remedies.

    29. Grind some nutmeg with milk and apply on affected area. Pimples disappear like magic without leaving a mark.

    30. Make a mixture of lime juice and rose water. Apply on face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

    31. Make a paste by mixing 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. Repeat for two weeks, pimples will disappear forever.

    32. Rub fresh garlic on and around pimples. Pimples will disappear without a mark with regular applications.

    33. Mix 1 tsps groundnut oil with 1 tspn fresh lime juice to prevent formation of blackheads and pimples .

    34. Ground drumstick pods and leaves and mix mixed with fresh lime juice, and apply on pimples. This is also good for blackheads and dark spots.

    35. First wash face and then dab acne with cotton balls soaked in vinegar.

    36. Mix groundnut oil with an equal amtount of fresh lime juice and apply on face. leave for 10-15 minutes and wash. It may be applied daily to prevent formation of blackheads, acne and pimples.

    37. Apply juice of raw papaya (including the skin and seed) on swelling acne, pimples.

    38. Apply fresh lime juice mixed to a glass of boiled milk as a face wash for acne, pimples, blackheads, and cracked skin.

    39. Apply ripe Tomatoes pulp on acne, pimples and kept upto 1 hour, then wash.

    40. Make a paste of roasted %26amp; powdered pomgranate skin with fresh lime juice and apply over acne, boils, pimple, blackheads and whiteheads.

    41. Apply grated potatoes as poultice to treat skin blemishes, wrinkles, boils, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads , etc.

    42. Make a paste of ground radish seeds with water and apply on face to remove blackheads.

    43. Apply a paste of ground seasame seeds with water as poultice for inflammation of the skin due to allergies, skin rashes, and pimples.

    44. Large pores on facial skin can be treated with paste of sandalwood powder with masoor dal.

    45. Use an oatmeal or almond mask throughly to cleanse your face. Mix either oatmeal or almond powder with enough rose water to make a soft paste that spreads easily on the skin. Rub it on your skin with your fingertips, paying special attention the problem areas. Leave to dry for about 15 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. This is very good in getting rid of blackheads.

    46. A solution made out of one and a half cups of hot water and half a tablespoon of boric powder is an ideal remedy for blackheads, Saturate a face napkin in this hot solution and press on to the skin, repeat twice. Extract blackheads carefully with a blackhead remover and sterilized cottonwool. Pat on an astrigent.

    47. Honey is a great remedy for skin blemishes and acne because the honey kills bacteria.

    These are some effective home remedies for the treatment of acne and blackheads.
    Keep skin clean and hydrated all of the time, and popping is okay as long as they are bumpy and yellowish white colored. No foods with hormones in them, they make your skin more inviting to acne. Don't squeeze prematurely, you can forever scar and redden your skin... Good luck!
    I recently met a woman that is 45 has 5 children and looks like she is twenty and I asked what her secret was. She said when she was young she had acne and someone told her when she showered to wash her face with lemon juice and she had from that day on.It may sting a little but she swears that is her secret and if it is true it works amazingly.
    wash your face often with a good soap and squeeze!!!!

    apply Nozema .
    never squeeze 'em! Use almost boiling water with a washcloth and apply it to the black head or big pimple. It will soften the skin and drain without causing infections or spreading to the rest of your face.
    Wash your face with an anti-bacterial soap like dial. Use an astringent of 1part alcohol and 2parts water. Use water based or powder foundation. Better yet, no foundation if you can stand it. The better your skin breathes the healthier it will be. Use a drying mask as directed by the mask, make sure it's for oily skin. moisturize with a water-based moisturizer after.

    Blackheads and pimples help?

    what is a really good product that will REALLY work to get rid of blacheads pimples and prevent new ones from forming please help???Blackheads and pimples help?
    ive heard that neutrogeana products work goodBlackheads and pimples help?

    For body (not the face) best thing that worked cause I have the same problem (this is going to sound crazy) is ground coffee, preferably dry or you can use old used coffee grinds (not instant) and bring it in the shower. Wet your legs with water then take a pinch full and in circular motions (not straight) rub it around and around for a minute or so. Do this every item you shower and it makes legs soooooooo soft, incredible! Alsomost toners are like 98% rubbing alcohol and water, so after my shower (once my legs are dry) I take rubbing alcohol and apply it liberally to your legs and problem areas (soak it) then let it dry on it's own, should help thin the skin and dry out a bit.

    I looked for over 8 years for a product against blackheads.

    Clarins has an awesome line, for night time you need the toner and oil, its a special oil that dissolves blackheads (for real) and cleans your face overnight of impurities. Black heads are basically a hardened oil mixture that was secreted and oxidized (which makes the outside part black) and since water and oil don't mix no water based product can ';clean'; your blackheads away, just try say putting certain foundations or makeups on the mirror and if you wipe it with water it smudges all over but put a little baby oil and wipe and tada! it comes off super clean AND dissolves it. This oil also dries up the pimples and the black heads all the way down. I recommend using it for 6-8 weeks then going for a facial (cost maybe 25$) and ask for a facial specializing in black head removal/extraction or you can look it up online, how to steam first and all and yes using a tissue paper not your fingernails really is better, I know cause now I have little brown spots and acne scars from years of picking with nails, tissue forms a little barrier so that the sharp edge of your nails doesn't cut the thin outer cell layer.

    As to what soap to use, I'm not sure what to answer, Clarins has it's line, the gommage is excellent and addictive (I am addicted to Clarins Bright Plus Gentle Brightening Exfoliator, full size is 50 mL, 1.9Oz., lasts 2 months when used twice a week, use sparingly).

    You can find it cheaper on eBay as it is a bit pricey in stores. Here is the name: Oil: CLARINS Lotus Face Treatment Oil Combo SKIN 1.4oz/40ml will last forever , you put toner on your face first, when your face is still moist you put 4 drops of oil (one on each finger, you only need a teeny bit) then rub your finger tips together on other hand and after a few secs of rubbing use your finger tips to dab it on top of your moist skin... just be careful not to put more than 4-6 small drops of oil and that your face is wet from toner and to dab it over not rub. Toner: NEW Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris OILY Skin Toner 200mL.

    The body shop also has an awesome mattifying moisturizing tea oil face gel.

    Also only use non-comedogenic products (These products are less likely to cause blackheads (open comedones) or whiteheads (closed comedones)), it will be normally written in small on the label if they are non-comedogenic.

    For extraction you may want to read up on black head extractor, it's a little tool with two loops, one on each side, one for black heads one for white heads. There are many online sites that explain the use.

    Steaming your face first will help TREMENDOUSLY. To steam, put very hot water in a bucket or big bowl (you can add herbs, long lists of what is good online), then put your face over the bowl (not too close!) and cover your head with a towel, making a little ';tent'; and enclosing all the steam inside. Apparently it only takes 4 minutes for pores to open and any time between 4-8 minutes is good. Make sure you thoroughly wash skin before starting the steam . This will allow the pores to open, making the blackheads just slide out with a little pressure. After you have finished extracting, rewash your face (very gently as some pores may have been damaged during extraction), finish off with cold water to close your pores, apply some toner and if you have dry skin then apply a light moisturizer. I wouldn't recommend putting on make-up for 12 hours after extraction, but you could definitely use the Clarins night regime I described earlier.

    Take care, Felisia
    Cleanse your face with unboiled milk, gently rub a coarse cloth dipped in milk to remove the blackheads. Steam your face with herbs like lavender, lemon peel and mint leaves added to the water and let the skin soak up its goodness. Check out for more useful tips to control blackheads. More such solutions at
    check the links below for natural homemade beauty tips to:-- Acne-pimple cure/

    Blemishes/Whiteheads/Blackheads/face packs鈥?/a>

    Natural Homemade Tips for Hair %26amp; Skin鈥?/a>
    Try Neotregena! It really works. You can find it in any local store.

    Hope this helps!
    I get bad blackheads on my nose! :(

    And also get quite a few spot beakouts on my face

    Im drinking lots of water at the moment to see if they clear up, it's better to clean your skin from the inside , rather than the out.
    Cleanse the face thoroughly with a good cleanser meant for oily skin. Preferrably use a salicylic acid cleanser.

    Apply an astringent like witch hazel. It helps reduce oiliness. If its a bit harsh mix a bit of rose water in it.

    Apply a good quality medicated cream or gel containing resorcinol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. This helps is soaking the oil and helps in peeling away the blackheads. You can get creams or gels of Benzoyl Peroxide treating blackheads If benzoyl peroxide leaves your skin dry, apply an oil-free moisturizer after 10 mins of applying benzoyl peroxide.

    Effective Tips to get rid of blackheads

    鈥xfoliate the blackhead prone area 3-4 times a week using facial exfoliators and scrubs.

    鈥se creams containing AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Fruit acids) like glyco-creams that will clear away any dead skin cells and ';expose'; the blackhead. Use the AHA's every 3 days or so.

    鈥void washing the face with soaps more than twice a day. Instead wash your face often with plain water splashes.

    鈥ften use a mask with a clay base.

    If blackheads look ready to pop out, you could try removing them gently by using a blackhead extractor. Also, Pore cleanser strips (blackhead extractor) for removal of blackheads are highly recommended for the treatment/removal of blackheads. Using them once per week will leave your pores cleaner and smaller.

    Steam your face to soften both the skin and the material blocking the pores.


    Blackheads and pimples.?!?

    ..well,i really do have many blackheads and pimples..

    ..would anybody there give me some advise in home remedies in blackheads and pimples??Blackheads and pimples.?!?
    make sure you dont stress about it-that will make it worse.

    Try using Mary Kay Velocity face wash and moisturizer. then use Mary Kay acne treatment. use biore pore strips once/twice a week. try to exfoliate.Blackheads and pimples.?!?
    Well.. I recently have not had a lot of acne. I have been through a lot of different acne products and I think I have finally come up with a solution that really works for me. I wash my face with Dove for Sensitive Skin(its a bar of soap) to get all my makeup off. Then I use the Proactive face wash. I use the Proactive Refining mask to get rid of the ';Extreme'; pimples. I pop the pimple and put the cream on and leave it on over night. I keep putting it on over night until it goes away which is about 3 days. If my face is dry then I use a Nutrogena 8-hour mostruizer. I really recommend this system. Good Luck
    you should get some ice and put it on your pimples it would reduce the redness and the swelling.Also for your black heads you could try some black headeliminiting cream from netrogina my mom uses it all the time she say its effective.
    Try Apricot Scrub from St. Ives and The Wave by Neutrogena. If your acne is really terrible go to the dermatologist and get specially medicated face washes, masks, or other treatments.
    you should get biore nose strips for your blackheads, those work soooo well! and for pimples, just clean your face regularly, I use neutrogena.
    Well if you want to get rid of them fast use: Clean %26amp; Clear: Blackhead facial clenser everytime you shower or bathe. Your blackheads will be gone in like 4 days.

    Hope it works out for you.
    if you have so much taht it is damaging ur skin, go on a medicine. Accutane works PERFECTLY
    first stop touching your face with your hands... and when u sleep try to make sure your hair wont go to your face...
    try a good face wash and try to watch the amount of carbs and sugar you eat

    Whats a good cream to get rid of pimples and blackheads and other suff on your face?

    I Had this one cream my aunt gave me back in 2006 that came in a small package and it had one clear side kinda like water and one cream side kinda like milk and it had a strong alchohol smell. It used to take my pimples off in a week and one day when they came all off i gave the whole packet to my cousin..Does anyone know the name of the cream? or medicine? are there any other ones that get rid of pimples that fast? im only 13 by the way so nothing to dangorouseWhats a good cream to get rid of pimples and blackheads and other suff on your face?
    proactof or what ever its calledWhats a good cream to get rid of pimples and blackheads and other suff on your face?
    I use benzoly peroxide i belive that whats it called, ask your doctor about it, my doctor gave it to me, and when i have a bunch of pimples, i take a shower put the crap on and leave it over night, i wake up take a shower wash it off and the pimples shrink, what it does it like drys up your grease and pimple and it for me =)....remeber ask ur doctor about it...i dont want iu buying the wrong thing and it gives u lke cancer or something.
    Regular toothpaste works...just leave it on over night.
    okay so i am 13 also. i use differin. my best friend used proactive, it didnt work on her at all. those commercials are fake. haha. anyways i would go to a dermontologist even if it isnt that serious. soo use differin. it really works! ohh p.s. i put differin on my face at night and the next morning i can already see improvment. no joke.
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  • What are the best ways to clear acne, pimples, zits, blackheads, everything/ect?

    I'm 14. i have had acne since 6th grade and im going into 9th. Iv'e tryed proactive and a bunch of other things only like 1 or 2 things worked but they took forever and not for long. I have a habit of touching my face a lot and I try not to. Nothing seems to work i need things that are inexpensive or that I can find in my house. In want like 100% results. I kow that wont happen but just please help. Thank you. =]What are the best ways to clear acne, pimples, zits, blackheads, everything/ect?
    for me its clinique. it can be pricey but last forever and works really good. its called ';clinique acne solutions'; it comes with a foam, clarifying lotion/toner, and an oil free moisturizer! they work great! almost on all skin types it can be pricey almost 50 bucks but SO worth it!! but make sure to wash your face 2 a day or it wont workWhat are the best ways to clear acne, pimples, zits, blackheads, everything/ect?
    I'm in the same boat. I'm 14 too. I don't want to start ninth grade w/ a face full of zits. I started using's regimen. It's starting to work. Daniel Kern (creater of made a kit of everything youll need for 45.00. If your face gets really dry after using it (you can jojoba oil) which really really mostrizes really really dry skin. I would buy the regimen! I did! It came in a few days. The bottles are sorta small, but I guess it's enough to last for a few months!

    Additional Details:

    I also went to the dermatologist, and he perscribed this stuff called Retin-A. It wasn't working. Or showing ANY signs of working when I had been using it for about 3 weeks. I looked up and asked a question on yahoo answers, and people told me it took several months to start working. So I switched to's regimen.
    To Get Rid Of Them ... Freederm Is Good ...

    I Dnt Really Know Much About When You HAVE Them ... Cause Its In My Jenes .. I Dnt .. My Family Has Really Good Skin, So Its Easy For Me.

    But , When You Have Got Rid Of Them Good Things To Make Them Stay Away Are,

    Take Your Make Up Of EVERY NIGHT Before Yu Go Tu Bed,

    When You Wake Up, Wash You Face , Clean And Clear Daily Wash Sturff Is Good And Works :)

    Before You Put Your Make Up On, Wear A Light Mostuireiser, And Gently Wipe Of The 'Grease' With A Damp Flannel, Leave To Soak In While Doing Something Else, And Nevr Use Loads Of Powder With No Lotion Or Liquid Foundation On , It Dries Out Your Skin So Much And Makes it Get Spots Really Easily :)

    Goood .. Loook ....

    If You Have Under, Skin Acne, Yu Can Get Injections That Makes It Go Away. And It Goes In Like 4 Days, But I Am Not Sure How Much You Will Have To Pay ... :)

    Love ... Hope That Helps ... x x
    dermatologist and get them to prescribe you isotretinoin. do not leave till you get it! its a pill you take once a night/day for acne. but beware if your a woman you may have to go through some tests before they will give it you because it can cause some serious birth defects if you become preggy.
    normal soap!

    the reason people say its bad for your skin is because it dries it out (which makes it flaky and red) however... if you have oily skin it will be perfect because it wont dry out your skin but will stop acne etc

    i have tried heaps of products and it is the only thing that works for me and it works miracles! :) hope i helped
    if you convince your mom or docter to subscribe birth control pills i suggest that. not only does it help your skin it helps with your period and if you have maigrains. but if you dont take it every day it wont help. plus i suggest the off brand kind because its cheaper and it works the same. =] good luck.
    when u get out of bed every morn, wash your face with a facial scrub or blackhead scrub. (you can buy it from most suppermarkets. $10 or maybe more). your skin will start to look better in a week or 2. dont touch the pimples. oil from ur hands makes it worse.
    Going to a dermatologist helped for me.. he prescript me a daily wash it wasn't that expensive, since its last me for about 3 or 4 months at a time.
    thats my same story but its been since 4th grade and i still havent found anything but try Stridex pads it is so far working pretty good for me
    Well, i have had the exact same problem recently. Until i started talking to my grandma. I mean i have tried proactive and stuff from the dermatalogist. But, if you was you face with dove bar soap 2 times a day, when you wake up and bedtime , and take a tums before bed, [[ tums is an antiacid which gets the acid that causes the peoples out]] they should start going away in 2 days.

    It has worked for me. hope it helps.

    High School is coming up and I have pimples and blackheads! Help?

    Any products that really worked for you quickly?

    I have side swept bangs so that kind of results in pimples on my forehead.

    I clean my face every day and use Noxzema but it just isn't working.

    I've tried a lot of things but I wanted other people's opinions before I go out buying random products.High School is coming up and I have pimples and blackheads! Help?
    Do this once every seven days to get rid of blackheads:

    1. Wash with a salicylic-acid cleanser to unclog the blackheads on your face. (Try: Noxzema Triple Clean Blackhead Cleanser, $4 at drugstores)

    2. Exfoliate using a scrub with jojoba beads, which are oil-free, non-drying polishers. After exfoliating, rinse your face with warm water, then splash with cold water to close pores and prevent greasiness.

    3. Moisturize with an oil-free lotion that has an SPF of 15 in it or higher. (Try: Wet n' Wild Fresh Face Skincare Clear Skin Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF15, $5 at drugstores!)


    To get rid of zits and pimples try doing these skincare tricks once a week:

    1. Cleanse with a salicylic-acid wash to remove dirt and oil.

    2. Repair skin with a mask that has salicylic acid, which dries acne and smooths the face. (Try: Neutrogena Oil-Free 60 second mask!)

    3. Moisturize using an oil-free lotion to hydrate skin without clogging your pores. (Try: Clean %26amp; Clear Oxygenating Oil-Free Ultra-Light Moisturizer SPF 15, $7 at drugstores!)

    ~~~~~Also since you have sideswept bangs, make sure you're washing your hair everyday with a cleansing shampoo (Try: Herbal Essence's Drama Clean Shampoo/Conditioner, it comes in a green bottle!). And maybe since school is coming up your should wear your hair in a ponytail and use a headband or some bobby pins to hold the bangs back from your face to clean out your face before school. Then, once school starts you'll be able to have fresh skin. (: good luck!High School is coming up and I have pimples and blackheads! Help?
    I use a japanese company that works great. Its called N'aive. I think you have to go to an asian store to buy it. Or you can use Clearasil Ultra Advanced Formula. The one that get them gone in three days. Proactive is great too.
    First, dont let your hair touches your face. use a facial cleanser with salicylic acid to combat blemishes. Why dont you try clean and clear's pimple clearing speed gel. It has a salicylic acid an acne fighting ingredient that helps to unclog pores and prevent clogging by helping the skin麓s natural renewal process. It麓s also mild on skin. I personally use this gel and it really dries my pimple and wont leave dark spots. You also have to be patient and dont stress out that much it will only aggravate your pimples.



    There are alot of products on the market that promise to work, but the fact is that not many do. If Noxzema isn't working for you, you could try other products, but it's doubtful that they will work much better.

    Just remember, if you can't get rid of the problem, that everyone your age is going through the same thing. Most of the other students will be so worried about their own pimples that they won't notice yours. Think about it, how likely are you to notice other people's zits while you're so busy worrying about your own? That's how everyone else will be too.

    I had a nightly routein that I went through in highschool, and I still got a few pimples here and there, but not very many. What I suggest is after you wash your face at night, use an apricot scrub, then rinse it off. Afterwards, use an astringent, and leave it on. This should help at least a little. It's not necessarily the brand name of the product, but what the product contains that will help you. Apricot scrub and astringent should be all you need.

    The best that worked for my acne is Clearisil Ultra deep pore cleansing pads, 3 days and I had tremendous results after a week and a half my acne is almost completely gone.
    Probably a considerable amount of time spent stressing over it wouldn't help it. I mean if you were so stressed you were compelled to go out and seek help on dead end zones like this. Well I'd suggest you shouldn't overwash it. I dunno it seems to work for some folks. Not everyday, wash with water and wash with whatever chemical bullshit three times a week or something. It'll clear up just don't encourage it with your petty concerns and insecurities.
    wash your face twice a day. not with a dish towel type thing but a face towel. a facial mask might help 2. i had the same problem. it worked 4 me. it will still probably take a few weeks but thats just the way it is.
    Just be yourself!
    hi perhaps u can visit this website
    try proactive, it seems to work really well for my friends that use it.
    Just get over it, 5 years time and you wont care about what the people at your school think. All high schools need a pimple face acne kid.
    maybe its because of all the skeeting... skeeter :/ anyways, try natures cure. It deffanitley works.
    college is coming up and I have no pimples or blackheads woooooooo!!!!!
    try ponds or clean and clear dat worked on my face and stop using products dat irritates ur skin. i think u hav a sensitive skin so y not try 2 use a soap
    ';clinic'; makeup make a pore reducer that really works for my teen. She has less blackheads and even less acne. good luck
    I would say that it really just depends on your skin type. ProActive is a really good all around skin cleaner. Keep in mind that as big as high school perfection might look everybody is going to have a zit every once in a while. Also the standard rule for a face wash is to give it at least 3 months to do its magic, 6 months would be even better. Your skin may fluctuate over the first couple of weeks but it will eventually become accustomed to the treatment and stop freaking out on you. Good Luck!

    Most of all .... just try and enjoy the high school experience. There are a bunch of us who know how you feel.
    for the blackheads use biore pore strips

    HELP!!!!How can u get rid of pimples and blackheads FAST??? HELP!!!?

    i have more than a few pimples now and they are making me look ugly.

    Please help me, school starts tomorrow but its the school week is only 2 weeks for this week so i need help that will start working FAST and help my acne be gone my next week.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    I don't want to be a face full of pimples.

    BUT i have sensitive skin.

    So i need an acne treatment that works on sensitive skin.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!! thx :)HELP!!!!How can u get rid of pimples and blackheads FAST??? HELP!!!?
    Forget what everyone else is saying!!!

    When I was in puberty, I would break out all over the place.

    I tried numerous products, steaming my face, makeup, and bangs.

    Nothing worked.

    Products would work for several days and then, just as I would notice improvement, I would break out again.

    Makeup and Bangs covered 'em up, but didn't help improve the situation- makeup- clogs pores, bangs- make forehead greasy- pimple heaven!

    Then, I started track.

    I didn't know why, but all of a sudden my pimples started disappearing and reappearing in a weird pattern. It took me a while, but I discovered that when I did track (2 hours, 5 days a week) my pimples would be gone. Then, over the weekend, where I didn't do anything- they would reappear. Bingo! The secret pimple killer is sweat!

    It makes sense- sweat is the only thing that will attack pimples from the inside, forcing all the stuff that clogs your pores out.

    All the methods mentioned so far come from the outside, and it's WAY harder to cleanse the skin that way!

    So, what you do is exercise. It doesn't even have to be long. After I noticed the pattern, I would do, maybe 15-20 minutes of high intensity- sweat producing exercise. Now my skin is perfect! People ask me about it all the time.

    I promise- in two weeks those babies will be history!

    Plus, you get in shape too!

    xoxoxoHELP!!!!How can u get rid of pimples and blackheads FAST??? HELP!!!?
    Go ahead and mix some honey with cinnamon and apply it on face and then wash off with warm water. Since you have sensitive skin, honey is totally OK for this, it won't irritate it. If you don't have these, use some toothpaste and apply it only on areas where you have pimples.
    NVR EVR EVR try home remedies, I am telling you, it will just make it worse.

    I recommend murad, or steifle products.

    They will get rid of them very fast.

    Watch your nutrition too, drink lots of water and avoid greasy foods at all costs, along with sugary crap. It just makes your skin worse.
    dab toothpaste on the spots leave it there while you sleep. And Aloe gel (aloe vera) is also a good spot treatment.

    expholiate your face with about two tbs. of baking soda and a little bit of water so it becomes a paste. massage it on your face for 10 to 15 seconds then rinse.

    theres lots more of these household cures on this site鈥?/a>

    What do i do for recurring pimples and blackheads on my face?

    Try limiting your dairy consumption.

    A 2005 Harvard study found a connection:

    ';Acne Associated with Dairy Intake鈥?br>

    A new Harvard study links dairy products to adolescent acne. A group of 47,000 women from the Nurses鈥?Health Study was asked to provide information about several aspects of their diet during high school as well as any incidence of physician-diagnosed severe teenage acne.

    Researchers noted a positive association with total milk and skim milk consumption, along with instant breakfast drinks, sherbet, cottage cheese, and cream cheese.

    No association was found with several other foods often thought to affect acne, including soda, french fries, chocolate candy, and pizza. The scientists postulate that hormones and bioactive ingredients found in milk may be responsible.';What do i do for recurring pimples and blackheads on my face?
    if you have long hair, cut it.

    if you dont take a bath every alternate day( head bath) then start doing it

    if you've got dandruff, use an anti dandruff shampoo

    clean your face with a good balanced pH face wash, use a toner or astringent, and then a good quality moisturiser.

    you can use a good quality face scrub for the blackheads

    you can use an anti-pimples cream at night after you wash your face with an antibacterial soap.

    its important to keep your face oil free at all times.

    all the best!What do i do for recurring pimples and blackheads on my face?
    Free tips on natural homemade methods to pimples/blackheads
    Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, eradicates all blackheads.
    Go to the doctor and let him check it, he will describe you something appropriate.

    It depends if you have acne, which must be treated medically or if it just results of too much junk food, air pollution etc.

    In this case it suffices to clean your face several times a day with a special cleaning water and additionally use face cream on the pimples. (available in every store)

    Good luck!
    lot of things.....i mean with those natural things

    like red sandalwood paste, mint leaves, curd, oatmeal n honey paste, papaya, coconut water etc. etc

    hey try each of these individually everyday for lik a month
    Mild and Moderate Acne Treatments鈥?/a>

    Home Remedies for Acne鈥?/a>
    You need proper skin care for that read some tips on this site on pimples acne and more

    I'm so sick of my pimples and blackheads. i just want it to go away so i can have some confidence?

    i've had acne for years. ever since i was little.

    when i lived in Alberta, it was AWFUL. i used to get made fun of for it and everything, which would explain why my self-esteem is down to the floor.

    but when i moved to Newfoundland, it got a bit better.

    but it's still there. and i want it gone.

    there's pimples all over my cheeks and some on the sides of my chin. there's blackheads on my nose, chin, and cheeks.

    : [

    it's destroying my confidence.

    and i want it to go away.

    what can i do?

    i'm gonna go out to the store and get some acne wash. i'm not sure if they have a good selection. i live in a small town, and the only place i can get things like this is at Shopper's. but i'll try something.

    i have Vitamin C cream, which is supposed to be good for blemishes. apparently.

    i'm not gonna drink anymore soda. or anymore **** i shouldn't be eating.

    i'm gonna start eating lots of fruit and veggies and i'm gonna start drinking tons of water every day.

    i'll also keep my hair clean and away from my face, and i won't touch it.

    and i'll avoid stress.. and get lots of sleep.

    is there anything else i can do to help it?

    i need all the help i can get.

    i'm going to Alberta this summer to see my friends in.. 112 days. yes, i've been counting. :D i want it to all be gone.

    and i also need to know something. if i go to Alberta, will my skin get bad again? that's where i lived when it was so bad.

    please please please help.

    i will appreciate it muchly ,


    i'll be moving and starting grade ten in a new school, and i wanna have nice skin so i can feel good about myself.

    i think i'm pretty. i just need this crap offa my face.I'm so sick of my pimples and blackheads. i just want it to go away so i can have some confidence?
    have you gone to your doctor about it yet? if it's really bothering you and impacting your self esteem so much try to get an appointment and see if you can get a prescription of anything. I don't know what part of the Island you're living but most communities have at least one Doctor or a nurse partitioner. If not they have one that visits.I'm so sick of my pimples and blackheads. i just want it to go away so i can have some confidence?
    get active with pro active worked for me

    How do you get rid of pimples and blackheads?

    My face is really bad. Here's a situation:

    鈥 get a blackhead

    鈥queeze it to get rid of it

    鈥ext day it's either bright red or a pimple.

    Alternate situation:

    鈥 get a blackhead

    鈥 leave it alone

    鈥ventually it turns into a pimple

    鈥hich I either squeeze, which turns it bright red the next day, or leave alone, and walk around with a gigantigor pimple on my forehead.

    I'm tired of having people stare at me. I have an ok face but my skin is awful. I've tried every cream and ointment and scrub there is (pretty much). And if I complain to my mom (like I did once), she'll either attack my face with a nail clipper or rub stinking olive oil on my cheeks. What do I do?How do you get rid of pimples and blackheads?
    1) Stop eating oily foods i.e McDonal'ds, Burger King, Jack in the box, etc. Even if you only eat fast food once or twice a week, it helps.

    2) Wash your face two to three times a day (no more or no less than that) with a basic gel or cream cleanser. Do not use a cleanser with exfoliating beads because if you wash your face with an exfoliator, it makes your skin irritated.

    3) The topical gel called 'Differin' works very well (You can get it from any dermotologist). Put it on an hour before you go to bed and wash your face as soon as you wake up.

    4) Be sure to use a moisturizer before you leave the house in the morning. Because when you use topical gels and acne face washes, you are more prone to develop skin cancer. An spf 15 is good for daily use.

    --These things work very well. I used to have pimples in my T-zone area, but I no longer have any pimples :)How do you get rid of pimples and blackheads?
    Orange peels,(if you dont want to do that yourself,theres an orange peel mask at the Body Shop),And theres one that uses dairy product so thats not vegan. . .

    I have this Indian thing called Chandan and you need this thing to make it but I dont think its available in America.Other than that I dont know many natural remedies.

    But the stuff at Clinique is good,and at the Body Shop the tea tree cream is good and theres also on the spot tea tree oil extract which is good.Basically using tea tree oil is good.And at the Body Shop they probably also have a tea tree face wash.And the stuff at the Body Shop is made from fruits and plants and its really good.
    Try put some aloe vera on your face it will take the redness out of the pimples and heal them faster and also it helps keep your skin moisturized.
    use clearasil
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  • How To Get Rid Of Acne/Pimples/Zits/BlackHeads FAST!?

    So, I Have A HUGE Date In 2 Weeks, I Just Bought New Stuff From Avon, And It Made My Face Break Out So Bad! I Have Black Heads, Underskin Acne, Zits.. And I Want It To Be Nearly Gone By My Date, What Are Some At Home Remidys I Could Do? I'm Done Spending My Money On Stuff That Don't Work!

    Please Help Me!!!

    %26lt;3 Britt!How To Get Rid Of Acne/Pimples/Zits/BlackHeads FAST!?
    Oh dear, if the Avon is making you break out, are you sure it's not the grime that's coming to the surface? it does that with others/brands to clean out the pores.

    Get off bar soaps. Get on a cleanser. Watch for anything with mineral oil. If that avon isn't working after a week or so ( if it's an allergy it will keep itching if not, try it longer - it should prove results in less than 10 days )

    Wash %26amp; rinse good!

    Eat right %26amp; drink loads of water %26amp; stay cleaned out - don't laugh, it does matter, what you eat %26amp; drink %26amp; etc.

    How To Get Rid Of Acne/Pimples/Zits/BlackHeads FAST!?
    First things first...RELAX! Cleanse, tone and moisturise your face morning and night. After you have done this apply an acne cream. Choose 1 night a week to give yourself a DIY facial. Exfoliate your face, wash your face as you normally would, apply a mud mask, tone, apply a pore strip to your nose, moisturise and then apply an acne cream to your 'problem' areas. If it's the Avon makeup that's making you break out then change makeup. Is this the first time you have used Avon? If it isn't then maybe your skin just suddenly decided that it didn't like what your putting on it. If you keep up the routine of looking after your skin the breakouts should disappear in no time! Keep eating lots of fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water. Also, try to get a good night's sleep! This usually works for me and hopefully it will work for you!
    the best idea is to go to a facial spa 2 times a week so before your date you went 4 times already after your first treatment you see results and its cheap like from $25-$60 they steam ur face for about 20 minutes so your skin pores can open up and they wash your skin and tone it out it takes 1 hour. and at home just wash your skin with clean and clear neutrogena and use a toner then put on baby lotion because it is good for sensitive skin and don't touch your face if you one of them people who do that.
    what a disaster!!! but it is ok, you still have two weeks up your sleeve. Be careful because different people are affected by make-up and facial creams, and many people become alergic and break out in pimples.

    The best thing to do is clean your pimple, etc area with a flannel every morning and night. After that, wipe with clearasil wipes and apply thick clearasil pimple cream.

    Do this every morning and night and they will be gone in under a week! Goodluck!
    Most people want to treat acne scars rather than acne.It is like treating measles scars rather than measles.Acne is a skin condition caused by the internal imbalance.All medicines and creams which help to remove acne scars contain benzoyl peroxide.

    You can regain your internal balance and cure your acne completely and permanently by natural techniques.For, More Information,

    Good Luck
    calm down!!

    try neutrogena visably clear cleansing cushions, one side is rouch t exfoliate, the other is soft to help get rid of blackheads. im 14, and these really help me loads, i also use clearasil stay clear pads,which i wipe over my face. use a good moisturizer that is NON- greasy.

    dont get the neutrogena spot stress range, i used it and i had acne!
    Im having trouble with blackheads too! And i was looking at homemade facials, and i was able to get this scrub recipe:

    -4 tbsp of baking soda

    -1 tsp of salt

    -2 tbsp of water.

    It said to use it as a scrub after steaming ur face.

    For Ur pimples, look at this video:鈥?/a>

    Hope i helped =]
    Eat healthy foods especially dark green veggies!!!!!!!
    Aspirin mask

    How do you get rid of pimples and blackheads?

    HELP! I get pimples on and around my nose, my upper lip and my chin. Black heads are on my nose and chin. I need a really fast and cheap way to get rid of them. I have four big black heads above my top lip and they bother me like crazy!!! I tried popping the black heads, treating th pimples... Please? I really want nice skin before th fist day of school. I don't want dumb answers, and if your a dermatologist, I have smooth skin (not the pimples of course). And do you know where to get rice paper, it gets rid of oil on your face, very cool. Home remedies are accepted. No rude comments please.How do you get rid of pimples and blackheads?
    The number one top tip I could give you that has astounding results?

    Drink water.

    Seriously, it sounds so simple, but it works. Most of the water in your body goes to hydrating everything, and into your blood stream. But, when you drink 8 glasses of water a day, your body has enough water to take care of your skin, so the extra water flushes out the toxins from your body (what causes zits) and leaves your skin healthy.

    I swear by this. Both my brother and sister drink maybe 2 glasses of water a day and have acne. I drink a WHOLE lot, like more than 8 glasses a day, and I have maybe a zit a month.

    So drink WATER, not coke or sprite.

    Also, get 15 minutes of sun a day. I know some people out there will say that you should never, ever go outside without sunblock, but your skin needs some sun. Just make sure you're outside for 15 minutes and it helps dry out and clear up your skin. I also swear by this. I have a terrible habit of lying in the sun too long, and I get sunburns. So, I might be red like a lobster, but my face does not even have one zit when I get burned. I DO NOT recommend getting sunburned. I advise against it- you'll get skin cancer. But when you get enough sun on your face, it clears out your skin.

    Don't overwash your face either. When you scrub too hard, or use too harsh of a facewash, you're body produces a ton of oil to replace the oil you scrubbed off and it just creates acne. I never use acne products, because no matter what brand, I break out. My skin is healthier and looks better when I just keep myself healthy, and natural.

    I of course use a wash cloth and when I'm in the shower, I gently rub my face clean, but I don't use products specifically for acne.

    Touching your face at all causes acne. So, be very conscious of how much your hands touch your face. Don't lean your head on your hand, and try to avoid contact with your face as much as possible.

    Hope I helped!How do you get rid of pimples and blackheads?
    Hmm, trying using that Neutrogena deep clean cleanser, it works to get rid of some of the oil. Also, those oil absorbing sheets work really great. You can find those at any Walgreens, Walmart, etc. To clear up the current pimples, trying using some witchhazel as a toner after you cleanse. For the blackheads, try steaming them out. Boil some water, put your face over it with a towel behind your head (careful to not burn yourself!) then steam for about 10 minutes. Hope this helps :)
    okay if they are white on the tip they can be picked. Some blackheads can be popped, too if done properly.

    Unless you have horrible acne, go get a $20 bottle of cleanse body wash by Proactiv. Maybe you can get it cheaper online possibly at amazon.

    So much at the store is crap, or expensive for some lame formula. This is your best bet though. And just use it on your face when you shower once a day.

    Doesn't stink either
    get some biore strips for the blackheads. use a face wash that has salic acid in it, I use Neutrogena Deep Clean. It's a cream cleanser. Wash your face with this stuff every morning and night. Don't use cheap makeup or old makeup because the old stuff harbors bacteria.
    use sandal powder paste and apply it the infected area in night and then wash it in morning. after washing get some lemon juice and mix little bit of water with it and apply it again and wash it after 10 mins do it regularly
    I agree with your 1st 2 answers......PROACTIV is a wonderful product that works quickly! Can order online and usually they have a great deal for 1st time buyers. Or in my area they even have vending machines at the mall.
    I use clean and clear there is one only for acne and their is one for only blackheads pick one but don't use both they will slowly dry your face.
    dont u watch commercials on tv?

    nutragina and other products, just go to walmart or another store like that and look for something
    I use Oxy Spot Treatment. Try to use it as soon as they pop up, they will leave faster. Apply it at night %26amp; wash it off in the morning. Rubbing alcohol works too.
    Honestly, the only thing over the counter that I have found to work. Is plane old rubbing alcohol. Dries that stuff right up.
    Oh, try Pro-Active, it's really good. Just keep using it often or it your acne will come back, maybe, worse.
    Clean and Clear worked really well for me. Maybe it will work for you. Good luck!
    st ives scrub facial soap, oh my god its amazing. plus gets dead skin off.
    acne cream and a swastica,,, oh blackHEADS!
    listen, i have acne also and i have tried proacitve and it did not work for me. in fact, my acne got worse.

    what has been helping me is warming up a pot of water on the stove until the water boils. then take the pot to the sink and dump a washcloth into the water (careful, it will b hot.) now, let the water cool down for a while but not too much u dont want it to b cold. then put the washcloth on ur face on different areas of ur face at a time. remember: the hotter the cloth, the better (but not burning hot). do this twice a day for about 15 mins at a time and u will c results.

    now of course, acne is not going to ';dissappear';, but it will get rid of some redness and it will make the bumps on ur face smaller

    just try it out for like 2 weeks and c if it worked for u as it did for me.
    There is this new popular cream that people have been talking about.

    It was even televised on TV.

    It prevents future and existing acne, diminishes scars, and lightens skin and blemishes. Fast results too! (It has been claimed that major results can be seen within a week and no later than two weeks)

    Before and After photos are available at the given ebay site.

    This person is providing 1-3 week trial samples (Only for ONE DOLLAR.. definitely a deal) on ebay at:

    Search up ';best acne solution ever'; on ebay.

    First 100 customers can get the item for $1 for one week trial and up to 3 weeks. Or you can buy the whole container for $160

    It's expensive, but the product DOES work.

    My sister and cousin who both have major acne have tried the product and they both give it thumbs up. I have also heard many great feedbacks about this cream.

    I don't have a problem with acne, but it seems to have great results on my sister who has moderate to severe acne. Her acne swelling went away overnight.

    I hope this helps. =)
    Use Epsom salt as a facial tonic or cleanser. Make a face scrub or face mask by mixing Epsom salt with a small amount of water to form a cream or paste. Always test the mixture for any potential allergic reaction on a small area of skin before you apply to the whole face. This is a great way to help remove blackheads, find relief from acne or cleanse spots and boils.

    What is the best product for pimples/redness/blackheads?

    Hi, I have been struggling quite a bit with my skin. It's really not dramatic, but it's enough to make me self-conscious; I have some pimples on my fore-head ( maybe 4 at the max. ), but the problem is I'm always very red and I hav a lot of red spots ( still on my fore-head ). I also have blackheads around my nose and my chin.

    I've tried several products, like the Clinique 3 steps, which was nice actually, and right now I'm on retin A, prescribed by my dermatologist, which I hate because it's so strong and dries my skin so much. I use different products at the same time, like St.Ives cleansers, Bior茅/Neutrogena/Clean%26amp;Clear moisturizers...

    What can I do to REALLY clear my face? What products would you recommend? please nothing to expensive. Also, it would be great if you could recommend products I can find at the drugstore ( CVS ).

    Thanks very much,What is the best product for pimples/redness/blackheads?
    i use this amazing brand called arrbon.. its amazing and really works.. unlike proactive.. look it up

    How do get rid of my pimples and blackheads?

    I dont have severe acne... just a few here and there... and a lot of blackheads on my nose! I want to know diets... vitamins... what to/not to eat... im not interested in proactive or anything too chemical... but im interested in any weird ideas of things i should put on my face... like natural things...

    and dont bother trying to tell me that its hormonal... because I know that but I also know that there are ways to stop your hormones from causing these things...

    THANKS!!!How do get rid of my pimples and blackheads?
    This is the best 100% natural cream for acne and eczema. good luck

    Viola cream

    Makes one 150 ml pot

    2 tbsp (20 g) viola flowers, stripped from their stems

    2 tbsp (20 g) Roman or German chamomile, dried

    1 tsp beeswax

    2 tbsp almond oil

    1 tsp vitamin C powder

    1 tsp glycerine

    2 tsp emulsifying wax

    1. Place the violas and chamomile flowers in a glass bowl. Pour over the water to cover. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Put the infusion into a medium-sized pan (this will form the bottom of your double boiler or bain-marie).

    2. In another glass bowl, add the beeswax, almond oil, vitamin C powder, glycerine and emulsifying wax. Place on top of the infusion pan, and warm over a gentle heat, stirring until melted. This takes about 10 minutes.

    3. Strain the infusion, then slowly whisk it into the oil mixture until incorporated - the texture should be smooth, like mayonnaise.

    4. Pour the mixture into a sterilized dark glass ointment pot, then seal.

    USE: Apply to affected areas morning and night. Ideally, apply within a few minutes of bathing, to keep moisture in the skin.

    STORAGE: Keeps for up to 6 months in the refrigerator.How do get rid of my pimples and blackheads?
    I get occasional breakouts too. The only thing i tend to need is benzoyl peroxide cream, the strongest is 10% content but I prefer 2% Neutrogena since it is less irritating to the skin.

    Good luck.
    well to get rid of my black heads i use those black head strips. i feel like they work pretty well.

    hope i helped:)
    Exfoliating your skin is a kind of a natural treatment that helps in the prevention of new blackheads that can form on the skin. Look for exfoliating scrubs that can help in cleansing your skin and clear your pores. This helps to remove the excess oil and the grime from the affected areas.

    Steaming your face is also an effective way to get rid of blackheads and have a clean and clear skin. A steam is an effective way to open up the pores. This in turn helps to remove the excess oils and dead skin cells. Boil some water in a pot. You can even add herbs like rosemary and peppermint to this. Then, once you have the right amount of intensity of the hot water, remove it from the heat and cover your head with a towel while you bend your face over the steam. The towel will prevent the steam from escaping. Steam your face for a duration of 15 minutes. Then take a towel with a slightly rough surface and gently rub it over the skin. Wash your face with lukewarm water.

    I am linking a website that has some good tips!

    Also I always heard excercise is a good way to clear skin. When you excercise, you sweat which helps keep the pores clear.

    My skin finally cleared up, no pimples or blackheads, nothing! I'm soo excited. How can I keep it this way?

    So pretty much, for the past 3 years I've had O.K. skin, but there has always been one pimple or blackhead that makes me lack self confidence. Now my skin is so clear, and pretty! I felt proud of who I am today, and I held my head high. What can I do to keep my skin like this? I would be soo upset if I woke up with a pimple or something. I already wash with a moisturizing soap twice a day (once in the morning, once at night) and I exfoliate once a week or less than that sometimes.I eat healthy foods and drink tons of water.I really don't want to go get a product from the store though. PLEASE HELP! It'd mean soo much to me. Thanks=] and the 10 points will be awarded tomorrow or so, after I get a chance to see how all the tips work!My skin finally cleared up, no pimples or blackheads, nothing! I'm soo excited. How can I keep it this way?
    Your doing most of what it takes to keep them away. Drinking lots of water, washing face twice a day etc. I would add to try and keep your hair away from your face. Also change your pillow case at least every other day ( or have it washed ). Besides drinking ton of water also stay away from caffeine. Be gentle to your skin and never scrub. Also just try to remain stress free as much as possible.My skin finally cleared up, no pimples or blackheads, nothing! I'm soo excited. How can I keep it this way?
    farting alot then smelling it. applying bacon grease 1-4 times an hour. then never showering or washing the face.
    JBoaz is a fucked up mother ******........
    seriously... you're worrying over like one zit.

    i suggest you continue doing what you're doing and who cares there's no way that you're going to be able to do anything to make it impossible for you to get another pimple, ever it happens. And you honestly have no reason at all to get self-conscious and start obsessing over it even if you get a single, unwanted, irritated pore or two or three for that matter.

    ';You felt proud of who you were'; because you had a few less zits on your face. Honestly If something like that can change your mood and perception of yourself that much you probably have bigger problems. Sorry but the truth hurts...

    Wana get rid of my pimples and blackheads without buying expensive products... any recommendation?

    Fancl supplements are really good. as for your pimple, you can try this supplement (clear control AC), its suppose to prevent pimples and it really works. only cost $20+ for 1 mth supply and i am consuming that now. pimples can be caused by our hormone. remember, dont squeeze your pimple. go get a pimple gel.

    As for your blackheads, try ginvera marvel gel (green tea). its a scrub for your face. very effective for removing blackhead and dead skin. can use daily and you will see improvements. another way is, after a hot shower.. get a cotton pad and squeeze your nose and u will see lots of blackhead. (that's what i usually do...) but i only can try on nose...

    lastly, drink lots of water and keep your face clean.. wash daily with cleanser, toner and moisturiser.Wana get rid of my pimples and blackheads without buying expensive products... any recommendation?
    swim in the ocean. Salt water really clears itu upWana get rid of my pimples and blackheads without buying expensive products... any recommendation?
    apply multani mitti daily with lemon or curd on ur face ....u will get fantastic results
    the cheepest way to get rid of pimples is garlic cut into slithers use once a night and wash in the morning . just rub the juice from the slithers on the pimples it stings but is very effective . Did you know that garlic is the best antibiotic known to man ,because we can never become immune to it. Its also an antiseptic.
    dove soap
    honestly... soap and water, followd by a moiusturiser that has little or no oil content
    eat al ots of water it helps skin 2 b beautiful n yes for pimples use sandal fae paks they r really coolers n work yes n u can go for sum pulses 2 not for eating its for applying on pimples n as per blak heads u can go for home cleansing treatment wch an b done as -

    message ur face wid a lots of cream n then have sum steam

    now as d skin gets loser pik all blak heads n then apply sum pak 2 enclosen d pores on d face
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  • Help! how do I stop pimples and blackheads from forming on my back and chest!?

    I really need some help nothing works!! Please! Someone tells me something that works I need help these big ones form on my back that hurt alot and tons of blackheads form on my chest. I have actually started using face wash, pads, and gel on my back and chest to stop the big ones from forming so it doesn't hurt so much. I've tried everything and don't tell me that I'm not washing my body right because I am! PLEASE!!!!! Not only do they look bad but they hurt!!!Help! how do I stop pimples and blackheads from forming on my back and chest!?
    Hello,I know what you feel my son went through a bad period of acne he had it all over his body ears,neck,back,face yes they were big and hurt him we went around in circles from home remades to every over the counter medicine nothing worked,Then we were refer ed to product that a family friend used for his daughter,so i checked it out and ordered it for my young adults mind you they are hi teens wow what a miracle this product did for their complexions and slowed the break outs.My son is 22 and still uses to this date when needed.Works for adults %26amp; teenagers suffering from mild to moderate facial or body acne

    Eliminates spots, pimples, redness, pus, blackheads %26amp; whiteheads

    Fast and effective acne cure from the inside outHelp! how do I stop pimples and blackheads from forming on my back and chest!?
    Why not tray Avon products.

    Go to

    I'm sure their skin products will help in treating your pimples and black heads.
    Call your doctor. He will prescribe an oral med as well as ointment to work on the acne. Good luck.

    Home-made sure for pimples and blackheads?

    I'm 13 so it's completely normal, but I have heaps of little pimples and blackheads all around the crease in my nose behind my nostrils, but everywhere else I have clean, clear, soft skin. I wash my face every morning and night and I've tried face scrubs and things but all they do is leave my skin sore and dry and peely skin. What should I do? I would really like a homemade remedy that can make my skin not oily and not dry, preferably made out of things you could find in an ordinary kitchen, to avoid chemicals that can be harmful to your skin and the environment. What have you tried? What successes have you had?Home-made sure for pimples and blackheads?
    Hi, I'll give you a link to a website that has acne home remedies. Most of this stuff you probably already have in your house. I hope you find something that works.

    Good LuckHome-made sure for pimples and blackheads?
    I've heard that an oatmeal face mask is very good for spots. I personally use a face mask made out of sandalwood powder but you have to go out and buy that.
    Well,I do have terrible acne and I found that my skin type is sensitive skin and it makes me harder to find the right products that I could use to reduce my acne.That is when I tried Clinique 3 Steps Skincare Regime and it really works for my acne and now I have less breakouts after 3 months usage and I only need to work on my scars from my previous acne to improve my skin complexion.Since Clinique 3 Steps works for all skin types,I would recommend you to try this product since it has the basics of skincare regime and work wonders on your skin.However,you could also try these homemade remedies if you want to improve your chance of healing.Good luck trying these at home(:

    Honey Paste-Another easy and effective homemade acne treatment is to make a paste of honey with cinnamon and nutmeg. All you need is about one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and about half of it nutmeg powder. Add some honey to make enough paste to cover the inflammed area completely. Just lie down as honey may dribble down. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes and wash with luke warm water.

    Orange peel-Homemade Acne Treatment using Orange peel has been found very effective. Pound the orange peel with water on a piece of stone and apply to acne affected areas.

    Basil tea-Basil tea like neem is effective in killing bacteria. Drinking it twice a day can do wonders to the skin.

    Coconut Oil-Coconut oil is a cheap and easily available acne solution. Regular use of coconut oil over a period of time helps to clear your skin.

    Lemon Juice-A simple remedy at home for acne: Apply lemon juice regularly to reduce pimples and acne. This has proven beneficial results.

    Well,these are the remedies that work gentle on your skin while getting rid of acne.Hope this helps and great skin wishes

    Hi i am having pimples and blackheads on my face.Can u suggest me any treatment or cream for this.?

    try to get a facewash with benzol peroxide in it,

    it worked really well for me to get rid of breakouts...

    or your can stick with a non medicated facewash and get a spot treatment cream (with benzol peroxide) to use afterward.Hi i am having pimples and blackheads on my face.Can u suggest me any treatment or cream for this.?
    ok.what i do to rid pimple in 1 DAY is to wash my face an achohal pad,then clay mask,then some walmart brand apricot scrub!:D GOOD LUCK!Hi i am having pimples and blackheads on my face.Can u suggest me any treatment or cream for this.?
    me:i would say proactive and at night wash ur face wit it every night not just once in a while and u could use it twice a day but if ur face gets dry use it once a day
    get a facial. they work wonders. plus they do extractions which get rid of pimples and blackheads on the spot. plus they are soooo relaxing.
    An awesome, natural, inexpensive way to crub away dead skin is to use cinamon. Sprinkle some on your hand along with a soap and scrub gently all over your face. It help improve the texture of your skin and it smells great. use one time a wk. Good luck!

    How do I get rid of pimples and blackheads? (especially blackheads)?

    I have a few pimples every once in a while, but I have lots of blackheads on my chin and nose, mostly my chin. But I am tired of my Mom squeezing them and poking them. So someone help me, and I don't have a lot of money, so please make it a cheap way! please oh please help me! I AM DESPERATE!How do I get rid of pimples and blackheads? (especially blackheads)?
    Proactive!How do I get rid of pimples and blackheads? (especially blackheads)?
    wash your face twice a day and always use a toner but over night apply toothpaste to where it is needed
    Biore pore strips! Loveee them.
    Normally when you go for products you need to pay cannot make it a cheap way! If you want cheap way then you should spend some time to make this products yourself from natural resources. Now you can search for natural remedies in the internet and can get alot of results. Normally I suggest this site for pimples and blackheads.
    Hi Girl,

    Have you ever considered doing a detox?

    As an iris analyst, most of my patients who have a similar problem as you have higher toxicity level in digestive system. These patients may also occasionally suffer from:

    - bloating

    - constipation

    - indigestion

    - gassy stomach

    - pimple/rashes/blackheads outbreak in chin area

    Once you get this ROOT OF THE PROBLEM SOLVED, your pimple and blackheads will GO AWAY FOR GOOD instead of coming back again and again and again no matter wat good facial products you use.

    I would recommend that you do an iris scanning to find out what may be some of the possible causes of this problem. Iridology is the holistic science of looking at the condition of your health by taking a picture of your iris.

    As all the nerves and veins running through our body end right at our eyes, we are able to see the condition of our health by just looking at our iris.

    Also, you may want to consider doing a detox.

    If you do a detox, on top of your pimple problem, you will be able to:

    - gain better health and

    - better vitality and

    - even more radiant skin and

    - the loss of some excess pounds as well,

    All you need to do is three things.

    Number one, follow the detox programme which requires you to change your diet a little bit. Eg, take more vege and less meat and seafoods.

    Number two, use 1 minute a day to take some natural health foods consumable even by babies and pregnant women that will enhance the speed and the effect of the detox.

    Number three, drink lots of water to flush the toxins out.

    And that's it.

    The rest is up to you.

    So what do you think? ;)

    My company is currently doing a promotional campaign to raise awareness of iris scanning. Each iris session is $10 and will take 20-30 min. You will get a full report and some suggestions from the iris analyst.

    If you are keen, you can email me at
    LISTEN to me man, it's all about using a CLEANSER, waiting 5 mins or so, then use a 2.5% benzoil peroxide solution. TRUST ME on this. i swear by neutrogena on the spot acne treatment %26lt;%26lt;

    do this twice a day and you're golden.

    check out btw
    Make sure to clean your face well. Use a toner afterward. Don't squeeze them. It can force germs back down into the pore shaft. Also, you don't want to use oily creams, as they can clog pores and cause more. You could also hold a warm washcloth to them till they open. Stay away from greasy foods.
    I use these little pads by Clearasil Daily Acne Control ';Blackhead Clearing Pads, works for me. Proactive worked good for me for the first month but after my skin was immune to it, it was almost like it was making it worse than it was before I was using anything at all.
    There is a product similar to ProActiv sold at Wal-Mart called Acne Free. Here's the link..and you really will see results in just three days.
    Use St. Ives Scrub every couple of days. It is inexpensive and it works. Tell mom not to squeeze them or you will have scarring, large pores and broken capillaries. A trip to the dermatologist would be the best solution.
    Well the only way is the great way by squeezing them out, but you can make squeezing them out less painful, by using a very very hot water %26amp; towel before squeezing. Its better you get all of the blackhead because they do harden and can leave pits in your face

    no product on the market will help that I know of.

    Good Luck!
    Benzoyl peroxide, try AcneFree. It's at WalMart and most drug stores, it's cheap, and it gets rid of those buggers quick
    CLEAN AND CLEAR OIL FREE ACNE PRODUCTS!!! it's like $1. wash ur face everytime u take a shower. the steam mixed with it will work wonderful. ur face will feel dry after words but no worries. u'll wake up in the morning with AMAZING improvment!
    steam your face over a hot tub to open up the pores before washing it
    Muhahaha. The honest truth? Push 'em out. I get frequent blackheads on the tip of my nose, and to be honest simply applying pressure with your fingernails around the blackhead squeezes it out. I've never had a problem with scarring, since technically you're not ';popping'; or breaking the skin.

    Another easy solution?

    Biore's blackhead-removal-strip-things. They come in green boxes, you can buy them at CVS or Walgreens...they're basically strips of sticky paper that pull out the blackheads for you. Works pretty well.
    Squeezing and poking the blackheads can cause more harm than good, makes them spread then you have more than when you started also can leave scarring.

    instead apply fresh lime juice mixed to a glass of boiled milk as a face wash for pimples, blackheads and cracked skin.


    another thing you can do is warm a little honey and apply on the blackhead trouble spot. wash off after 10-15 min.

    hope this helps
    5% benzoil peroxide
    use good mosturiezes like clean and clear
    1.If u hav blacheads and oily skin then besan(gram flour) and rose water should be the things that u shud use!!

    every morning wash ur face , take 1 teasp besan and mix in abit of water or rosewater or milk (milk would give a bit moisture to the skin if u have a v oily skin avoid milk too use rosewater or water,

    this works as a scrub for the skin natural and good,

    and apply to face slowwwly n gently masage skin neck and face GENTLY!!

    AND WASH AWAY WITH COLD WATER and then spray on rosewater

    wash ur face as many times as possible with cold water and spray as much roseater as u can as it improves skin complexion both

    2. black heads use honey for black heads mixed with cinamon pwdr

    1 table spoon honey 1 teaspoon cinamon pwdr mix n apply let it be for 20 mins and wash away with luke warm water n then cold water :) u can use on whole face n neck for a cleaner skin n a glow:)

    3. Make paste of rice flour and lemon and honey and unboiled milk and scrub wash your face in the morning and in the evening before going to bed....

    do this daily if possible or else you can just wash your face only with rice flour paste made of water ......

    4. To loosen and cleanse blackheads, make a paste of oatmeal, honey and an eggwhite. Apply to the skin, massage for 10 minutes then rinse with tepid water.
    First wash your face with dove white the bar of (soap).Then use bior strips for black Head.then use oil of olay hydrating face lotion.I was having the same problems.I promise it works.
    i agree that biore pore packs work, but unfortunately they're only for the nose!! :( but in addition to that, get a facial steamer. place your face over the steam and cover your head and the steamer with a towel. stay like that for a while. THEN put the pore strip on. for your chin you can look for this metal implement thingy-- most beauty stores should have it-- that looks like it has a curved hook at the end, except it's a complete circle rather than a hook per se. brush this with moderate pressure against your chin-- it should help clear out most of the debris that causes those unsightly blackheads in the first place. :) and trust me, there's a huge difference between not steaming and using a pore strip and steaming and using a pore strip.

    do remember to use a toner after that! witchhazel is good, or any other hydrolat/floral water with toning properties. check to make sure that they don't have any harsh astringent chemicals which can really harm your skin.